December Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to our December Volunteers of the Month!

Thank you for all that you do for our school!

Check out why they love volunteering at our school!

Caroline Vyvial says “I have many favorite things about volunteering, but my MOST favorite thing is seeing how excited and proud my girls are to have their mom at school. I do it first because I love supporting our teachers! They deserve so much! But I also do it because it shows my children how much I value them and their school! It tells them- you are important and so is this place!”

Rachel Fajardo says “Being able to help out our amazing teachers in any way possible because they do so much!”

Paola Maidla says “I love being involved in my daughter’s education however way I can, helping, and getting to see them makes my heart full.”

Elizabeth Spears says “I love to volunteer because the PTA is a vessel that bridges the school and community. I love to interact and give back to the students, teachers and staff but most of all I love it when I see the look on my child’s face and knowing that I’m helping and making others smile all by being part of this organization. ”

Rosie Flores says “What I like about volunteering with the yearbook is being involved in my daughter’s school activities. I enjoy capturing these moments for all the students to look back on.”

Kim Whitman says “As both a teacher and a parent of students at Davidson, I love being a part of the amazing things happening here! Watching the students shine in after school activities that they enjoy (such as RDR and choir) is a highlight for me. I enjoy helping my fellow colleagues however I can with their activities that I know they work so hard to coordinate.”