October Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to our October Volunteers of the month!

Keiko Davidson
Jennifer Wisniewski
Valerie Church
Heather Kitts
Patricia Goulart


Keiko said “My favorite thing about volunteering is spending time with your children and the dedicated faculty and staff here at KDE!”

Jenn said  “I love seeing my kids and their friends faces light up with joy when they recognize me. I love helping out and giving back when I am able.”


Heather said “My favorite thing is getting to see the kids sweet faces coming down the hall and seeing them smile and wave. I do it so I can stay involved in my kids education in a unique way!”

Patricia said “Helping KDE become such an awesome school and being close to my kids at the same time feels great.”

Valerie said “I get to work alongside fantastic volunteers, teachers and staff and also get to see my daughter! We have an amazing school!”