December Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to our December Volunteers of the Month!

Thank you for all that you do for our school!

Check out why they love volunteering at our school!

Caroline Vyvial says “I have many favorite things about volunteering, but my MOST favorite thing is seeing how excited and proud my girls are to have their mom at school. I do it first because I love supporting our teachers! They deserve so much! But I also do it because it shows my children how much I value them and their school! It tells them- you are important and so is this place!”

Rachel Fajardo says “Being able to help out our amazing teachers in any way possible because they do so much!”

Paola Maidla says “I love being involved in my daughter’s education however way I can, helping, and getting to see them makes my heart full.”

Elizabeth Spears says “I love to volunteer because the PTA is a vessel that bridges the school and community. I love to interact and give back to the students, teachers and staff but most of all I love it when I see the look on my child’s face and knowing that I’m helping and making others smile all by being part of this organization. ”

Rosie Flores says “What I like about volunteering with the yearbook is being involved in my daughter’s school activities. I enjoy capturing these moments for all the students to look back on.”

Kim Whitman says “As both a teacher and a parent of students at Davidson, I love being a part of the amazing things happening here! Watching the students shine in after school activities that they enjoy (such as RDR and choir) is a highlight for me. I enjoy helping my fellow colleagues however I can with their activities that I know they work so hard to coordinate.”


November Volunteers of the Month


November Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to these amazing ladies and all\that they do for our school!

Lynne Katopodis says  ” I do it for my grands!!!”

Abirami Asokan says ” Helping teachers and seeing the student’s smiles makes me extremely happy and motivated to come to KDE and volunteer again and again!”

Elizabeth Shakour says “I like being with my girls and I love the family atmosphere of the school.”

Kara Abrameit says “I volunteer to support our amazing school by raising funds and giving back to our community. My favorite part about volunteering is meeting other amazing KDE families!”

Kourtney Stretch says “Being able to give back to the school and seeing the excitement on my kiddos face when they know I am helping with something! ”


October Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to our October Volunteers of the month!

Keiko Davidson
Jennifer Wisniewski
Valerie Church
Heather Kitts
Patricia Goulart


Keiko said “My favorite thing about volunteering is spending time with your children and the dedicated faculty and staff here at KDE!”

Jenn said  “I love seeing my kids and their friends faces light up with joy when they recognize me. I love helping out and giving back when I am able.”


Heather said “My favorite thing is getting to see the kids sweet faces coming down the hall and seeing them smile and wave. I do it so I can stay involved in my kids education in a unique way!”

Patricia said “Helping KDE become such an awesome school and being close to my kids at the same time feels great.”

Valerie said “I get to work alongside fantastic volunteers, teachers and staff and also get to see my daughter! We have an amazing school!”


September Volunteers of the Month

We want to CONGRATULATE our Volunteers of the Month for September! Michelle Thomas, Crystal Matovich, Beth Perry, April Szopa, and Saroja Vadlamani. Click on their photo to read why they do what they do for our school.

Thank you for serving KDE!


Crystal Matovich

Crystal says, “I love being able to volunteer at Davidson Elementary! This school has my heart and I am very fortunate that I also get to work here as the school librarian. My favorite thing about volunteering is getting to meet new parents and also helping to provide amazing programming for our students!”


Michelle Thomas 

Michelle says “Acts of Service is my love language. Also, I believe strongly in participating in community where you can.”


Beth Perry

Beth says “I love being a part of the school that does so much for my daughter. The teachers and staff at KDE work so hard every day for our students that its the least I can do to lend a hand! I love seeing the students grow and learn and change from year to year! I hope to continue to volunteer here as long as we are at KDE.”


April Szopa

April says “My favorite thing about volunteering is seeing my son and the look of happiness in His eyes when his parents volunteer. I love helping the teachers and staff have a little easier day or year by volunteering.”


Saroja Vadlamani

Saroja says “My favorite thing is PTA and doing it to help the school and to involve in the activities.”


August Volunteers of the Month

We want to CONGRATULATE our 5 Volunteers of the Month for August! Jaime Rickerson, Sabrina Key, Malloree Gaspard, Cathleen Pittman, and Stephanie Fultz.

Thank you for serving KDE!

Jaime Rickerson

Jaime Rickerson says “I love that there are various opportunities open for parents to serve. Everyone is always so friendly, and I have a lot of fun. I enjoy helping our school, and being close to my children.” 


Malloree Gaspard

Malloree Gaspard says her favorite thing about volunteering is “Seeing the kids while volunteering.”


Sabrina Key

Sabrina Key says that “I love getting to be so involved in what my son does at school. I also know our teachers do so much for our children and love to be able to help with anything to make their day a little easier.”


Cathleen Pittman

Cathleen Pittman says “My favorite thing about volunteering is supporting my children’s schools. I love that I can volunteer and help make our school an even better place not only for my kids but for all students. Why do I volunteer? As a former teacher I want to support my children’s teachers in anyway I can. I also love spending time with our wonderful dragons teaching Junior achievement and helping out around the building. We have an amazing school and I am so thankful to be apart of it!”

Stephanie Fultz

Stephanie Fultz says she volunteers because “My favorite thing about volunteering at KDE is that it gives my kids the chance to see me living “See a need- Fill a need.”



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