February Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to our February Volunteers of the Month!

Thank you for all that you do for our PTA and our school!

Nicole Slusz

Nicole says “My favorite thing about volunteering at KDE is surprising my son. I love to watch the excitement on his face when he walks into the lunchroom, library or school event and sees that I am there when he didn’t expect me. I have also really enjoyed meeting other parents. KDE is blessed with so many great families who share a similar passion/commitment to ensuring our children are getting the best educational experience possible. I am honored to be a part of this exceptional community of people!
Why do I do it? Not only is it fun, but I also believe it is important to the success of the school to have the support and involvement of its parents.”

Fanny Alamón

Fanny says “What I love the most about helping out here, is when the kids are having lunch I really enjoy helping out these kids during their school day, I also enjoy helping the teachers in their process of teaching our kids.”

Rashmi Dharam

Rashmi says “I love being involved in our KDE PTA team through which I get to support our school in all the different areas like teaching Junior Achievement, Class coverage, lunch volunteering, International Night etc. I was also very happy to chair the International night position and was able to successfully conduct the event last month (Feb 21st). It was a very rewarding moment to see the parents getting involved to represent 17 different countries in a big community event like the “International night” where we had all our community come together to enjoy this event and get to explore things like culture, food, tradition about different countries from around the world. I am very thankful to have a wonderful PTA at Davidson and would always love to help and support our school.”

Sade Bello

Sade says ” I love to use my knowledge and experience in helping our wonderful teachers and students in any way I can.”

Kirsten Coday

Kirsten says ” Love being involved and a part of my children’s school!”


The start of Virtual school

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January Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to our January Volunteers of the Month!

We appreciate all that you do for our school

Thelma Smith says “My favorite thing about volunteering is being able to help make a difference for the kids. All of the little smiling faces keep bringing me back!”

Christie Goolsby says “KDE has been so great to my kids that I want to do what I can to give back. Making new friends and seeing my kids around the school is an added bonus. ”

Monica McNamara says “I have loved being a part of the yearbook team over the past 4 years- helping to make the book of memories that our children will take with them from Davidson has been a great experience. My daughter enjoys seeing me at the school, and I’m glad that she sees me contributing to her school and our community.”

Ginny Beeson says “I love volunteering at KDE because it allows me the opportunity to give back to the teachers and staff. I also enjoy seeing how proud my daughter is to have me involved.”


December Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to our December Volunteers of the Month!

Thank you for all that you do for our school!

Check out why they love volunteering at our school!

Caroline Vyvial says “I have many favorite things about volunteering, but my MOST favorite thing is seeing how excited and proud my girls are to have their mom at school. I do it first because I love supporting our teachers! They deserve so much! But I also do it because it shows my children how much I value them and their school! It tells them- you are important and so is this place!”

Rachel Fajardo says “Being able to help out our amazing teachers in any way possible because they do so much!”

Paola Maidla says “I love being involved in my daughter’s education however way I can, helping, and getting to see them makes my heart full.”

Elizabeth Spears says “I love to volunteer because the PTA is a vessel that bridges the school and community. I love to interact and give back to the students, teachers and staff but most of all I love it when I see the look on my child’s face and knowing that I’m helping and making others smile all by being part of this organization. ”

Rosie Flores says “What I like about volunteering with the yearbook is being involved in my daughter’s school activities. I enjoy capturing these moments for all the students to look back on.”

Kim Whitman says “As both a teacher and a parent of students at Davidson, I love being a part of the amazing things happening here! Watching the students shine in after school activities that they enjoy (such as RDR and choir) is a highlight for me. I enjoy helping my fellow colleagues however I can with their activities that I know they work so hard to coordinate.”


November Volunteers of the Month


November Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to these amazing ladies and all\that they do for our school!

Lynne Katopodis says  ” I do it for my grands!!!”

Abirami Asokan says ” Helping teachers and seeing the student’s smiles makes me extremely happy and motivated to come to KDE and volunteer again and again!”

Elizabeth Shakour says “I like being with my girls and I love the family atmosphere of the school.”

Kara Abrameit says “I volunteer to support our amazing school by raising funds and giving back to our community. My favorite part about volunteering is meeting other amazing KDE families!”

Kourtney Stretch says “Being able to give back to the school and seeing the excitement on my kiddos face when they know I am helping with something! ”


October Volunteers of the Month

Congrats to our October Volunteers of the month!

Keiko Davidson
Jennifer Wisniewski
Valerie Church
Heather Kitts
Patricia Goulart


Keiko said “My favorite thing about volunteering is spending time with your children and the dedicated faculty and staff here at KDE!”

Jenn said  “I love seeing my kids and their friends faces light up with joy when they recognize me. I love helping out and giving back when I am able.”


Heather said “My favorite thing is getting to see the kids sweet faces coming down the hall and seeing them smile and wave. I do it so I can stay involved in my kids education in a unique way!”

Patricia said “Helping KDE become such an awesome school and being close to my kids at the same time feels great.”

Valerie said “I get to work alongside fantastic volunteers, teachers and staff and also get to see my daughter! We have an amazing school!”

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