Earn a Popcorn Party!

Tonight’s Fun Run Challenge will earn your dragon a popcorn party for their class!  One class in each grade will earn this delicious prize by having the most pledges entered TONIGHT!  We are grateful for all your hard work seeking pledges from family and friends.   Pledges can be entered at www.FunRun.com or through checks/cash turned into your child’s teacher at school.



These precious earnings will help us continue the Watch D.O.G.S. Dad Program, the Junior Achievement and BizTown Program, as well as International Night, also known as International Showcase!  These programs are so meaningful and memorable to our Davidson Community and create opportunities for lasting learning and character development.

Speaking of character…check out the THIS new video on Teamwork!

Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm.  For questions or comments, email Fundraising@kdepta.org


Tonight Grades Compete!

Tonight each of the six grades at Davidson will compete against each for the title of Most Pledges Earned TONIGHT!  The winning grade will earn a popsicle party for EVERY dragon in the entire grade!!  Pledge your support at www.FunRun.com to help your student earn this title!

The KDE PTA believes that teaching is one of the noblest, most important and most valuable professions – and the teachers at Davidson are among the BEST!  Every one of us entrusts them with the significant task of educating our children.  Therefore, APPRECIATION is least we can do for them!


Among several other things, the money raised during our Fun Run Fundraiser  goes to support the many Appreciation Programs the PTA sponsors throughout the year.  We hold specific events for the Crossing Guards, Cafeteria workers, Custodians, Bus Drivers, as well as a week-long Appreciation Event for our teachers.

See what your dragon learned about Integrity during our MindSpark Mystery week HERE!

Thank you for all your support!


Do you have a Growth Mindset?

Would you rather hear your child say – “I’ll never be good at this!” or “I need to keep practicing, eventually I’ll get it!”  We believe EVERY parent would want to hear their child say the latter.  That’s why we believe having a GROWTH MINDSET is so vitally important!  Check out this video to see what your dragon learned about having a Growth Mindset!

Tonight’s challenge in our Fun Run Program is to see which ONE class out of the entire school can earn the most pledges TONIGHT!  This one, very lucky class will earn….a silly string party!!  Each child will get their own can of silly string to spray – creating fun, smiles and lots of laughs!

Enter your pledges at www.FunRun.com

We are so grateful for your support because part of the funds raised through our Fun Run Program will go toward the building of a new wheelchair accessible playground at Davidson. We are proud that our contribution will go toward something that dragons for many, many years will get to enjoy!




Weekend Challenge!

We are halfway through our Fun Run program!  Great job to everyone for your hard work supporting our school and getting pledges. 

Today, students have been given a WEEKEND CHALLENGE! If a student receives a total of $2 per lap in NEW pledges ($60 in flat donations) or more, over the weekend, they will receive a bonus prize… the FLICK FOOTBALL… in addition to their normal prizes!

Check out the Mindspark Mystery Lab video about ZEST in Character Development and ask your child how to incorporate zest into their life!

Watch THIS video to see how we’re progressing in the program!


For questions or comments, email Fundraising@kdepta.org      

Have a great weekend!


Mystery Prize

Every day during our Fun Run Program, students will have challenges to complete and opportunities to earn prizes.  Tonight all classes will be competing for a Mystery Prize.  The class with the MOST pledges raised so far will win!

Check out this link for how to get pledges!

Thanks for your support!  For any questions, contact Fundraising@kdepta.org


Citizenship – Character Development

Did you know a essential part of our Fun Run Program is character development?  At Davidson Elementary, our PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality.  Their potential extends beyond the classroom and out into society.  Developing and maintaining good character is crucial to a child’s success.

This week your dragon learned about Citizenship and what that means.  Check out this LINK to see what they learned!

Thank you for your support!

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