Because of your generous support, we smashed our Fun Run goal and will be able to contribute financially to all the PTA programs and events, as well as the school improvements and teacher and staff development this year!  What an amazing feeling and a wonderful example we’ve been able to set for our children – if you set a goal, work hard and see it through, you can do anything!


The results are in for our individual student pledge leaders, as well as for the class winners within each grade…

The Top 10 Student Pledgers:

Brodie Cowdrey

Austin Short

Madelynn Sanders

Lyra Nance

Addisyn Katopodis

Kate Katopodis

Angel Salinas Chavez

Adelina B

Andrea Salinas Chavez

Emma Yu

The Top Classes in Each Grade:

Nochlin – Kindergarden

Hildebrandt – 1st

Casbon – 2nd

Garcia – 3rd

Kotlar – 4th

Winters – 5th

Congratulations for all your hard work and dedication to Davidson and our Dragons!!

Now we start the collections process to gather all the money you, your friends and family have committed to your dragon runners.  Please keep up with your teacher’s emails, Facebook posts and website articles to stay updated with the latest collection information.

For any questions, please email Fundraising@kdepta.org

And don’t forget to check out the final video in the Mindspark Mystery Series!!