Do you have a Growth Mindset?

Would you rather hear your child say – “I’ll never be good at this!” or “I need to keep practicing, eventually I’ll get it!”  We believe EVERY parent would want to hear their child say the latter.  That’s why we believe having a GROWTH MINDSET is so vitally important!  Check out this video to see what your dragon learned about having a Growth Mindset!

Tonight’s challenge in our Fun Run Program is to see which ONE class out of the entire school can earn the most pledges TONIGHT!  This one, very lucky class will earn….a silly string party!!  Each child will get their own can of silly string to spray – creating fun, smiles and lots of laughs!

Enter your pledges at www.FunRun.com

We are so grateful for your support because part of the funds raised through our Fun Run Program will go toward the building of a new wheelchair accessible playground at Davidson. We are proud that our contribution will go toward something that dragons for many, many years will get to enjoy!